Virtual Hospitals

Virtual Hospital

Virtualizing hospitals has proved to be an ideal model to organise information, orientate clinicians and manage workflow. Part of the "take on" process entails modelling your hospital and organising beds as one would physically "round" in any specific ward in your hospital. Bluebird's WWB - see screenshots - hangs all relevant patient information in an organised manner and even marks those patients that ICP's or IDPharm's must see that day.

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Integration Engine

Besides the bed plan, constructing the virtual hospital requires ongoing real time information which can either be entered directly into Bluebird or, better, be auto-entered from existing hospital systems detailed below. Bluebird has 2 decades experience integrating multiple disparate data streams and the Bluebird integration engine ensures this all happens professionally.

Admission, Discharge & Transfer

Knowing patient location and when they were admitted, internally transferred and discharged, is critical for many reasons, including infection contact tracing, ward rounds and the construction of local antibiograms. As a minimum, Bluebird requires an admission message from your hospital information system (ideally an HL7 message). If you have a Bed Management System, the internal transfer and discharge messages should be sent in a similar manner, if not, Bluebird offers an optional bed management module.

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Comprehensive Laboratory Results

While it makes things easier if the labs serving your hospital are able to send standard HL7 messages, over many years, the Bluebird team have become experts at standardizing export file formats from multiple laboratory information systems. Bluebird integrates and organises all the lab results for your hospital and produces cumulative charts and graphs (which can be specific for different ward types). For smaller hospitals that are not serviced by labs with an eResult capability, Bluebird provides an optional interface for the ICP to input data manually.


Ideally, your pharmacy will send Bluebird HL7 messages as each antibiotic is dispensed. This drives the Prospective Antibiotic Audit that underpins the AMS program. However, Bluebird also provides an optional, manual interface if your hospital does not have this capability.

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Managing surgical site infections and ensuring appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis requires information from the operating suite. If your hospital cannot send this information electronically, Bluebird provides an optional, manual interface, for the (detailed) capture of operative procedures.

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