Scaleable Technology

A 21st Century Solution

Secure in the cloud, Bluebird shields your hospital's IT department from managing complexity. Intelligent Medical Systems provides your hospital with a committed service, not a software application. We monitor and actively manage everything.

Bluebird simplifies the IT onboarding of new hospitals thus minimizing the impact on your hospital's IT staff.

For the first time national consistency is easily unlocked.

ICP's and IDPharm's use iPads to do rounds and Attending Doctors are able to access the virtual hospital, including ASP recommendations, from their offices.

Intelligent Medical Systems Australia (Pty) Ltd has made a significant investment in systems specifically built to house sensitive information. These servers reside in an extremely secure area that is monitored 24/7 and uses multiple layers of redundancy to ensure power, cooling and connectivity remain operational, even under exceptional circumstances.

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Meticulous Engineering

Bluebird is browser based and runs on industrial servers in our medical data center. The SQL database design was meticulously engineered for speed as well as reliability. Technically, Bluebird's web front-end is bleeding-edge, utilizing HTML5 and JavaScript without plug-ins. This means that access is device and browser agnostic. It also means that no local installation is required and therefore no hardware or software maintenance by the hospital group. Bluebird's intelligent design facilitates collaborative teamwork, with shared access to data, filtered to individual needs.

Real Time Data

Wherever possible data is real time. This is particularly evident when one utilizes Bluebird's integrated modules for bed management, theatre, and ePrescribing. When you prefer Bluebird to integrate with 3rd party solutions, the rate-limiting factor will be the data from those solutions.

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Industrial scalability

It is important that your chosen solution can scale to include every nurse and every doctor in every hospital in your group. Inquire how competitors manage, and charge for user authentication, at scale. Don't be fooled into using a solution that cannot scale or becomes prohibitively expensive, or doesn't offer the support required to run an ICU, 24/7

Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality has been the cornerstone of our business for more than 15 years. From the very beginning, and long before this issue became recognized as critical, we designed Bluebird to meticulously protect a patient's clinical information. Our unblemished track record speaks for itself. In 2005, our then, medical director, was invited to Dallas to present a lecture detailing our experience to the American Academy of Family Practice. In 2008, Bluebird installed a pilot project at the University of California that required stringent HIPAA compliance. As standard, without additional cost, Bluebird handles the authentication of users. We also empower hospitals to utilize their own Active Directory if that is preferred.

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Cost Effective

Bluebird is browser based and runs on industrial servers in our medical cloud. This means no computer servers to buy, configure and maintain and no software that hospital IT need to set-up, monitor and manage when things go wrong. Besides the data streams, all you provide is the End-User device (PC, iPad) and an internet connection, Bluebird does all the heavy lifting.

One of the biggest problems with competing products is the need for local customisation and then the inability for that customisation to be rolled out to other hospitals. Bluebird is so comprehensive, and so well thought out, that local customisation is, in general, not required.

This means that the impact on your hospital's IT staff (both during installation and ongoing) is minimal, and painless.

Bluebird supports Open Medical Data Standards (IHE, HL7, DICOM). If your hospital does as well, set up becomes plug and play, quick and inexpensive.

Agile Custom Development

Even though local customisation is, in general, not required, Bluebird engineers are available and willing to do hospital specific customisation if needed. Our software engineers develop quickly and professionally. This agile, custom development is flexible, quick and relatively inexpensive.

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