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With clustered SQL databases and automatic fall over, the Bluebird cloud is designed to be available 24/7, 365 days a year. We even offer duplicated systems in multiple geographic zones. We are so confident of our service, that we write contracts that penalise us for downtime. Your Bluebird is designed to be available. These sophisticated systems are constantly monitored and Bluebird engineers respond to alerts immediately, 24 hrs. a day. We jump through hoops to give you outstanding service. Bluebird also continuously monitors third party hospital and laboratory IT systems. Often, we inform lab and hospital IT staff about issues on their own systems before they are even aware that a problem exists. Over many years, Bluebird has built intelligent alerts into the system, so that hospital and lab data can be actively managed. For example, one of the larger labs does not currently report carbapenamase production in a consistent manner - Bluebird therefore designed and implemented an alert to Bluebird staff so that when any report from this specific lab mentioned carbapenamase, Bluebird support staff would immediately, manually, confirm that correct information was delivered to that hospital's IC. This infrastructure is worth its weight in gold especially when lab tests are in a state of flux (as is currently the case with microbiology). Active System Management is much more than a "nice to have", it save your staff time and pain. Let us do the worrying.

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Bluebird has an exemplary 20-year history supporting clinicians. Bluebird's support staff are exceptionally well trained and their track record is unsurpassed. Again, and again, and again, our staff receive kudos from some of the most demanding End-Users. We expect support staff to solve the problem immediately, and, if that is impossible, to get back to the user by close of play the same day. Our support staff are dedicated and understand clinicians and, are trained to give focused, personal service. Our mantra is MAD - Meticulous Attention to Detail. The buck stops with us.

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