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Bluebird Improves Patient Safety, Cuts Costs and Increases Revenue

Safe, effective treatment is almost always cost-effective. Cost arguments therefore follow consideration of the systematic quality and safety improvement unlocked by Bluebird. Increasingly, healthcare associated infections are not being covered by funders. Bluebird provides the means for clinicians and managers to decrease the absolute number of HAIs in your hospital. MDROs in your hospital are much more expensive to treat. According to Roberts et al. the additional medical costs for the treatment of antibiotic resistant infections, including costs associated with increased duration of stay, comorbidities, ICU, surgery, and mortality, ranged from US$ 18,588 to US$ 29,069 per patient! Bluebird aggressively manages and decreases the absolute number of MDRO's in your hospital. While inappropriate antibiotic prescribing contributes substantially to the number MDRO's in your hospital, inappropriate prescribing also has direct, annual costs of approximately US$ 300 000 per hospital (30% of the hospital's antibiotic spend). Bluebird eliminates this direct cost.

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Cutting Costs

Bluebird saves real money in cutting direct antimicrobial costs and in mitigating the development of MDROs. When calculations include LOS and the costs associated with MDR infections are included, cost saving are >US$ 4.25 M per annum.

By making Infection Control Professionals and IDPharmacists more efficient, and, by eliminating the need for data capturers, data analysts and hospital IT support, Bluebird significantly decreases the costs of instituting IC and AMS programs.

The ongoing financial argument is cost avoidance - there is ample evidence that if an ASP is discontinued, costs go back up.

Increasing Revenue

Reputation Risk. In an era of public reporting of infection data, better infection data means a better reputation whereas "superbugs" / "nightmare bacteria" in your hospital can decimate revenue. Happier patients will return. Good physicians want to work at hospitals that take patient safety seriously and aggressively improve the quality of care.

Value based purchasing and commercial P4P contracts are now real money.

Because payments are now increasingly based on diagnosis and not parameters such as LOS, freeing up beds translates into revenue increases.

For hospitals that self insure, better safety translates into a decreased requirement for malpractice reserves. This, in turn, releases capital.

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Economic Benefits of AMS Programs

Remember that Bluebird decreases the FTE needed for both IDPhysicians and IDPharms. Bluebird also provides a telemedicine interface for remote IDPhysicians to advise community hospitals in a standardized and measurable manner.

Decreased IT costs

Bluebird is browser based and runs on industrial servers in our medical cloud. This means no computer servers to buy, configure and maintain and no software that hospital IT need to set-up, monitor and manage when things go wrong. Besides the data streams, all you provide is the End User device (PC, iPad) and an internet connection, Bluebird does all the heavy lifting. One of the biggest problems with competing products is the need for local customisation and then the inability for that customisation to be rolled out to other hospitals. Bluebird is so comprehensive, and so well thought out, that local customisation is, in general, not required. That said, Bluebird engineers are available and willing to do hospital specific customisation if needed, and, if those ideas benefit other hospitals they are incorporated into the Bluebird service.

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