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The Bluebird report generating function is exceptional, making Bluebird a powerful tool for, amongst other things, mandatory national reporting. Bluebird reports are easily accessible, pertinent and comprehensive, and effortlessly provide the latest information, in an organized manner, for management meetings. Where helpful, both national and regional benchmarking is included. Bluebird can report on resistance trends and can analyse wards and reveal potential incidents when cross-infection might have occurred. Antibiotic usage, process and outcome measures are detailed down to the ward level.

Core reports are listed in the following sections. All of these may be sliced and diced by region, hospital, ward and time period.

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Accurate census information is critical as the denominator in most infection surveillance and antimicrobial reports. It is therefore essential to standardize census definitions. Bluebird uses those published by the CDC.

Infection Surveillance

Bluebird provides more than 50 infection control reports. All isolates are automatically surveyed using CDC's "LabIDEvents". We believe this an essential tool to standardise national reporting. "LabIDEvents" are also extremely helpful, when compared to Active Surveillance, as an indicator of where ICP training resources might be best allocated. Active Surveillance, in this instance, means active individual isolate investigation and detailed classification using CDC criteria. Depending on available resources, individual hospitals might reserve such detailed investigation for specific categories of infective events - Bluebird makes dialing this process up and down easy, and, objective.

Detailed workload reports not only assist in the allocation of resources, but also allow ongoing, objective measurement of work completion - essential to help management close the loop.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship

Bluebird provides more than 50 AMS reports. These include, in depth measurement, of process and outcome indicators, and, perhaps uniquely, Bluebird provides detailed metrics to indicate the quality of antimicrobial prescribing. Reports are detailed enough to reveal unit / ward-specific information. Process measures are used to target, and evaluate, initiatives to improve prescribing. Automated, annual, facility-specific antibiograms, are constructed according to recognized standards. These antibiograms can be stratified by specimen and location.

Detailed Workload Reports not only assist in the allocation of resources, but also allow ongoing, objective monitoring of work completion.

Compliance with National Standards

Real time, accurate data streams automated from the hospital's PAS, labs, theatres and pharmacy, decimate the requirement for manual data entry. Any manual data is captured once, and used in multiple reporting contexts. ICPs are no longer frustrated at collecting similar data for multiple uses. Bluebird aids compliance with national standards such as the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and facilitates mandatory reporting to governing bodies.

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